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Based in Llanelli, United Kingdom

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Unreleased (Alpha)

PC / Linux / Mac


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Solitude is a cooperative multiplayer action survival game. Played from a first person perspective on your own with bots or with friends, you play as part of the crew of the Solitude and find yourself stranded on the other side of the galaxy as a result of the failure of the first full-scale faster than light warp test. Only by repairing Solitude and improving the FTL drive, and other systems, is there any hope of the safe return to Earth. The crew must defend themselves from previously unknown alien races and navigate difficult spatial anomalies but, in the end, will that be enough to get home?


  • Cooperative multiplayer action survival game set at the other end of the galaxy
  • Experience crewing a ship from a first person perspective
  • Command a lost ship back to Earth
  • Meet, trade, fight and die by unknown alien races
  • Discover rich story arcs that lead you on a journey across the stars
  • Upgrade your ship to handle dangerous spatial anomalies
  • Every playthrough is procedurally generated and different
  • Roguelike gameplay featuring team perma-death
  • Expand the game with mod support


There are currently no trailers available for Solitude. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!



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About Rogue Vector

We’re a small independent games development studio who formed from like minded individuals while discussing and planning games. We have developed games based off our interests and the interests of our community. We’ve always been determined to make the games that we’ve always wanted to play, and for the first time we’re in a position where we’re able to develop the game we’ve always wanted to make.

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Solitude Credits

Richard Griffiths
Technology Director

James Jarman
Development Director

Christopher Baklid
Music and Sound Design, Freelancer

Anders Pettersen
3D Artist, Freelancer

Artur Marek Mirosz
Concept Art, Freelancer

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